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the second part of 4x04 was more hurtful than 3x17

I mean to each their own, but in 3x17 he didn’t have the assurance that Emma openly cared about him and the overarching “you don’t give up on the people you love” theme that we have in season 4.



can we just talk about the fact that charming doesn’t even think about giving up on killian? before emma magics them away those icycles are already falling down but charming is still there! guy has a wife and two kids and he was gonna get his ass impaled for killian jones. wanna know why? ‘cause he is family.

Bold, Rich, Keeps You Up All Night.

Hot and steamy… yup pretty much

I like that “coffee” is the cs version of “tacos” because coffee grinds

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he def tricked anna with the antidote, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's tricking hook as well

I don’t think it’ll ever be addressed, but yeah I still think Hook’s hand was cursed in some way. Rumple’s not above lying about lying.

"Emma’s moment of vulnerability in “Rocky Road” was so important because it allowed her to get to the emotional place she needed to reach to be there for Hook once he tells her truth."

"Don’t you just love a good twist?"  3x17 | 4x04

  • 3x14 Killian: The monster you were gonna marry?
  • 4x04 Killian: I've seen you only on one date, and it was with a flying monkey.
  • 5x22 Killian: Unlike flying monkeys I don't hide engagement rings in the dessert.
  • 6x17 Killian: This Planet of the Apes movie makes me think of your ex-fiance, the flying monkey
  • 7x04 Killian: Swan, can we buy this stuffed monkey for Liam? Reminds me of, well, you know-
  • 8x12 Killian: Story time, Liam! Yes, your favorite. Once upon a time a princess was going to marry a monster-
  • 9x13 Killian: This Darwin fellow doesn't convince me, there's no way I evolved from your mother's ex-fiance